Le Citadelle
21, avenue des Hirondelles 74000 Annecy

T. +33 (0)6 02 17 44 56
  Designeur de la gamme ELO : Fréderic Bugnot   Fréderic Bugnot, designer pour Realitem  

Born in Nantua (France) in 1969, Frédéric Bugnot soon found himself at home in the world of designers. His father, a model-maker, handed this passion on to him through his work and his collaboration with Pierre Paulin. Frédéric obtained his degree in applied art in 1993 at the Olivier de Serres School in Paris and founded the Volume Production company in Nurieux (Ain 01). Because this area is famous for its plastics (Plastic Valley), his workshop specialises in the design and manufacture of prototypes for the plastics industry (furniture, toys, things for children, cars…). This combination of invention and manual work gradually led him to want to develop projects that respected traditional materials and techniques.

gamme électrique ELO édité par REALITEM