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  Fred Real  
Fréderic Real, créateur de Realitem

Frédéric Réal is an engineer specialising in research and development, which is how he started out: this means that he is both down-to-earth and a man of vision.

Down to earth because his pragmatism and natural curiosity allow him to see the everyday world we live in.

A man of vision because his quest for an ideal society, something close to a utopia, can give him ground-breaking ideas that leave current stereotypes far behind.

From this basic paradox comes an enthusiasm for doing things that bring together, as much as possible, vision and reality. Realitem is there to bring this about.

That’s the way he is. In everyday life Frédéric is looking for skills, whether they are new ones or traditional ones, because he wants to create interactions, synergies, innovation. He is creating an alternative to the present system: freedom!